Shopping in Indiana, USA

Visiting the many shops of Indiana is one of the best ways of spending time here. My town has everything from exclusive Italian handbags to Native American Indian handicrafts. You are able to locate virtually everything you need in the various markets here. Though there are not several huge shopping arcades or substantially overstocked stores – this isn’t Milan after all – but this city offers shopping in a considerably more relaxed way. Turn-of-the-century buildings are filled with a diverse combination of retail stores, galleries and businesses.

Columbia City offers you such exceptional, locally owned institutions, while also providing many of the bigger chain stores at the same time to ensure you can still get those Levi jeans and Versace glasses.

You will be pleasantly amazed as you visit the city and the way it just seems to make your travels or every day life more enjoyable.

Here is a fine selection of shops worth visiting during your stay in Indiana, USA.

  • Kroger
  • Wal-Mart Supercenter
  • Egolf’s IGA Supermarket
  • Advanced Auto Parts
  • Downtown on the Square


This store supplies an extensive variety of from meat, dairy, veggies and fruits to wine, bakery products and wine, house wares, flowers, mags and publications. It additionally has a present centre that provides a whole variety of cards and gift articles for every event.

Wal-Mart Supercenter

Another shopping mall located in my city is the Walmart Supercenter, where visitors and local folks can get all the essential things. The Supercenter offers an extensive range of specialities including supermarket things, drug stores, sporting goods, home improvement equipments, beauty goods and outdoor living items.

Egolf’s IGA Supermarket

It’s a place where you’ll be able to discover everything you need for your daily grub. The store is constantly stuffed with fresh meat, groceries and dairy products. The service supplied by them is superb as they provide full service to visitors.

Advanced Auto Parts

When it comes to information, customer service, Advance Auto Parts stock, and neighborhood participation other Columbia City auto-parts retailers just can’t evaluate. Browse online or shop in store for all that you simply need certainly to begin and complete all the DIY endeavors you’re able to dream up – efficiently.

Downtown on the Square

Downtown on the Square is a cute small eatery/bar in the downtown area. The eatery has booths with enormous tables. The total decor is unbiased, with photographs of important town landmarks. For an appetizer, definitely try the chips and salsa.

The industrial zone on the other side of my town is also a spot not to be missed, as here one can find other automobile centres and hardware stores, trades, dealerships.