Crooked Lake Nature Preserve

Many stunning landscapes of the planet are fortunately maintained in order for their natural attractiveness to stun potential visitors. Experience the roaring state side surroundings and be one of the many individuals who can marvel these tranquil places. In spite of maximum population living in woods; shores, lakes, waterfalls, mountains and hectic cities are vital for most of the living beings to live. Crooked Lake Nature Preserve is one such attractiveness which is a must-visit for nature fans.

Sure, Arizona’s got the Grand Canyon and Bellano in Lake Como, Italy even has a smaller version, but Indiana does have its share of easily accessible nature parks that everyone can enjoy!

The Crooked Lake nature reserve is the very pride of Columbia City, and brings many tourists annually. Individuals come here to trail in the woods and to admire in the sightseeing opportunities. Loving the scene with enchanting blossoms and exploring new spots is an extra bonus.

The location is enriched with wonderful green, verdant fields along its lake shores. The location is, in addition, abundant with natural plant life with thousands of uncommon flora. So, it’s among the greatest places to visit in Indiana, USA.

Hiking on the lake trails is certainly one of the most used recreational tasks in summers. The enchanting carpeting of the giant dangling trees and tulip gardens are actually an extraordinary treat to eyes. Take the remainder of your time hanging out by one of many enormous hanging trees above the lake, whenever you feel exhausted or tired as a result of hiking. In the rainy season, as the trail is overly slick to walk you must be careful. Be sure to take watertight shoes in order to avoid almost any risk while trekking.


It is possible to see many intriguing creatures like kingfishers and herons, tanagers, wood ducks on the lake shores. Additionally, you’ll find an assortment of uncommon plants and trees which give many tasty wild fruits of North America.

Getting There:

You’ll have to drive north on SR 9 for around 7 miles towards Noble-Whitley County, in case you are planning to explore the northern trails of the lake; from the junction of US 30 and State Route 9. From there you need to begin half a mile west on county line road that will lead you to a parking lot. Here you are going to find two trail loops which will take you into the preserve.

If you want to trek on trails south of Little Crooked Lake afterward from the junction of S.R. 9 and U.S. 30, drive north on S.R. 9 for around 6 miles to Co. Rd. 600N and then go half a mile to Spear Road. You are able to enter the preserve by a trail that goes eastwards.