My Visit To Columbia City

John decided to visit Columbia City for a weekend and sent in a lovely journal entry we decided to publish on our site.

Last weekend, I determined to take advantage of the long weekend and select a short vacation. So, I planned a little getaway to Columbia City situated in northeast Indiana, United States as I heard a lot concerning this location. It Is a rather welcoming city, and also the county seat of Whitley County. Understood for the rich cultural heritage and friendly surroundings, Columbia City was found in 1839.

Culture of the town represents resemblance to culture of Native Indians. It was the right time when we seen the town as the full community was busy observing the most awaited holiday of the year called the ‘Mihsihkinaahkwa Powwow’. We were stunned at the sight of grownups and small kids dressed up in Native American traditional costumes. But, we were notified that, this was the way they observed this festival. Loud welcoming sound and music of drums made added to the festive disposition and even we participated in their actions. A circle dance around the sacred drum was performed and my children truly enjoyed viewing conventional dance design.

With all the hustle and bustle in the festival, we determined to move ahead with our small trip. As we had been followed by my small kids, we determined to see some parks in town, where they could enjoy the remainder of the day. We determined to visit the largest park, Morsches Park, which was close to our hotel too. The park hosts various tasks for individuals of all the ages, so even we appreciated along with the children.

After spending few hours in the park, we determined to swing our manners to some great eateries in town. The town has a store of the popular chain Dunkin Donuts. We favored Dunkin Donuts, where children could love their favourite meal, as we had kids with us.

This small town has so much to give that we didn’t recognize when a whole day came to an end. Next day, we visited some of the popular historic structures in Columbia City and got a peek into the abundant heritage of the place. Our short trip to Columbia city was fascinating and actually relaxing as we got an insight into the Native American culture.