Columbia City – USA History

Every city seems to have its own unique historic value. Columbia City is a great little town situated in Indiana, United States which has an unique spot in the American background and is a fun place to travel to. OK, it may not have the La Scala of Italy, but there are some features which still make it worth a visit. It’s additionally been functioning as the county host to Whitley County. As of 2010, the populace of Columbia City constituted 8,750 citizens and has been steadily rising.

As Indiana had 2 “Columbias” throughout history, the post-office of the township was named as the ‘Whitley Courtroom House’. Thus, the occupiers back then determined to rename the township and a community debate occurred. Two names arrived forth – Beaver, named after a popular-known Native-American whose still resides there and Columbia City which was eventually agreed-upon.

The Ever Growing Economy of Columbia City

Columbia City was previously thought to be a modest area, till the institution of the Pittsburgh in 1856 and the renowned Fort Wayne, Chicago Railway. With other roadways in the city and the advancement of these renowned spots, there was a rapid increase in population, pulling distinct companies and many colonists.

Over time, the populace growth in Columbia City has stayed slow. As companies are growing swiftly in this area, the overall population has nevertheless continued to increase. Columbia City continues to be renowned for the production companies in several things, including plastics and car parts, and at one time it was among the greatest producers of denims in the world. For a long time, its market has been effectively preserved by Columbia City, and still stays among the greatest spots to locate employment.

And most recently…

Blue M Medical, LLC, a manufacturer of custom medical devices, will locate its operations center to Columbia City, Indiana, creating up to 25 new jobs by 2016.