Columbia City Culture

Visit Indiana - FlagsThe citizens of Indiana as well as tourists from all over the world, including Canada, Europe and Australia love to observe the special occasions that fully diversify them from the typical “county-like” experience of Indiana’s small towns. These occasions have been in fact observed for well over a hundred years for the pleasure and the gain of the citizens of Whitley County.

The Old Settler’s Day is observed as among the largest occasion in Columbia City combined with the American Legion festival. This fest is arranged during the month of Jun. every year, where individuals participate in various occasions. The Neighborhood Nonprofit group and the Whitley County Habitat of Mankind groups participate wholeheartedly in this fest supplying non-profit funds to the county businesses and hosting occasions.

The timeless auto show named ‘Hammer It Home’ is coordinated by the Habitat for Humanity, where individuals love awards, songs, games and food. The Whitley County Farmers Industry would be still another occasion put up at the fest with an extensive variety of fresh veggies and crops, crafts.

The Mihsihkinaahkwa Pow Wow is the largest Native American holiday observed in Morsches Park. This fest is hosted by the Miami Indians, held every yr at Whitley County, which showcases be the indigenous land of the fantastic Miami Chief Little Turtle. Because it makes a special juncture for the Amerindians to collect together in Whitley County as a way to share the customs between the common citizens, every Pow Wow is a special and conventional event.

During this holiday, the Amerindians assemble together, symbolize their indigenous tribes, discuss music, culinary art and their diverse custom, supplying the citizens with an enriching ethnic expertise. Through the entire occasion, individuals assemble around a holy drum in a circle dance and singing tunes. Other actions, culinary art, dance and singing and shopping are observed by the Amerindians.

This occasion also gives the opportunity to honor warriors and the seniors, girls, dole out gratitude and presents to the deserving types.

Good News For Outdoor Enthusiasts and Tourists

The Recreation Department of City Parks is creating strategies to widen Blue River Trail as time goes by. It is going to subsequently turn westward and finish near numerous shops and Country-Side Mobile Home Park. The complete amount of the projected expansion is currently one-mile as of time of writing.